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How Often To Water Your Peace Lily? (Tips & Tricks)

Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) are one the most popular house plants in the world, and rightly so. They look great, their foliage is luscious, and their flowers are beautiful too. So, how often should you water a Peace Lily?

You should water a Peace Lily enough to keep the soil damp, but not wet. Feel with your finger as each plant and location are different.

It actually depends on many things. It is not hard to work out, but you need to put yourself in the plants’ shoes, well, the plants’ “pot,” to truly understand.

Let me explain, it’s all about creating an environment closely like the natural habitat of the plant.

So what is the ideal environment for a Peace Lily?

how often to water your peace lily

What Is The Ideal Environment For a Peace Lily?

Before you understand how much and when to water a Peace Lily, you first need to understand the natural environment in which it thrives.

The natural thriving environment for a Peace Lily is the forest floors of The Central Americas and Asia.

So what does that mean to you and I ? Do you have to create a forest to have your Peace Lily in its prime condition?

Not at all, well, kind of.

Try your best to achieve the following for your Peace Lily:

  • Location: Location, location, location, much like real estate, location matters, I mean really matters. The ideal location for your Peace Lily is a light, bright spot with NO direct sunlight. Minimize drafts, hot or cold and place away from airconditioning vents. If your environment is cold, keep away from the windows. As for recreating the humidity, give the leaves a regular mist.
  • Soil: Keep damp, not wet. Yes, there is a difference, a huge one and your plants will tell you this by turning yellow or getting brown tips. The easiest way to judge is by sticking your finger an inch into the soil. How does it feel? Dry? Give it a drink. Too wet? Slow down on the watering and let things dry out a little.
  • Dust: In our homes, we have carpet, paint, concrete and many other materials not found in the Peace Lilies natural habitat. Not to mention cars passing by, break dust and pollution too. I cannot stress the importance of helping the plant to breathe by regularly wiping the leaves. Using a damp microfibre cloth is ideal and do it weekly.

Achieve the above, and you are well on your way to a beautifully healthy and abundant Peace Lily.

Now onto the watering aspect.

How Much Water Does a Peace Lily Need?

A Peace Lily needs enough water for the soil to remain slightly damp but not wet.

You can work this out by sticking your finger in the soil about an inch or so. Eventually, you will get a feel for when to water, but initially, this is always the easiest option.

When you get a plant for the first time, you need to let it be and check it daily in its new environment. Why? As every single environment is totally different.

That’s why there is no blanket approach. Some people say “water every 3 days”. Well, this depends on humidity, location, soil, plant age etc etc.

So, I know it seems simple, maybe even too simple, it is, but just stick your finger in the soil and feel it. Do this regularly and then you will get a feel for what the Peace Lily needs in YOUR environment.

There is no text book answer, there are too many variables. It all depends on your personal environment, the light, the temperature, the soil type etc. That’s why the easiest way is to stick your finger in the soil and decide from there. Adding a recurring reminder in your phone is important too.

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So, is there a best time to water a Peace Lily?

peace lily in pot

When To Water a Peace Lily?

As soon as you feel that the soil is drying, that is when you need to water. There is no specific time, again it depends on your specific environment.

What Happens If I Overwater My Peace Lily?

You will know it! Yellow leaves will appear, brown tips, and the dreaded brown tips of a Peace Lily can also appear.

I’ve covered the best way to deal with an overwatered Peace Lily in my article HERE.

What Happens If I Underwater My Peace Lily?

The first sign of underwatering your Peace Lily will be drooping leaves.

This is most probably the most common form of neglect for all indoor plants.

The best thing? Although finicky, your Peace Lily will bounce back nicely if you catch it in time.

A good submerge in a bucket, bath, or sink for 10 minutes, followed by keeping an eye on the soil, will sort this out.

Setting a reminder in your calendar to check the soil’s moisture level is my fail-safe way to ensure my Peace Lily remains healthy.

Peace Lily Watering Tips

Watering a Peace Lily or indoor plant feels good, well, for me anyway. I feel as if I am giving the plant life and ensuring it lives on.

But that’s just me.

For some people, it’s a chore, and I get it, it is just another thing to do amongst walking the dog, dropping the kids to school and vacuuming the carpet.

But, the following tips will ensure you water your Peace Lily correctly and that it continues to flourish.

  1. Always set yourself up for success by recreating the Peace Lily’s natural environment. Remember nice amounts of light, no direct sun, not too hot near indoor heating or against glass windows (to hot and too cold).
  2. Water regularly, only when you feel that the soil is on the verge of drying.
  3. Wipe the leaves with a damp microfibre cloth to let the plant breathe.
  4. Mist the leaves to enable the plant to feel elements of humidity (after wiping the leaves please).
  5. Use a seaweed tonic one a month to supply the Peace Lily with minerals.
  6. Fertilizer but don’t over-fertilize. Fertilze in the growing season, Spring and Summer months. Use a weak or diluted version out of these seasons if the plant needs a little pick-me-up.
  7. Trim dead leaves and flowers by cutting as close as possible to the soil, as need be.
  8. Talk to the plants when doing all of the above; apart from it proven to be beneficial, the neighbors, your partner, your kids and even your pets will all think you’re mad, and it is a great conversation starter!
peace lily plant in pots outside

The Final Word

Watering a Peace Lily is an art, not a science.

Follow the above guidelines, and please put reminders on your phone if you lead a busy life and could forget.

Also, my final tip.

If it starts raining, put your Peace Lily outside and get some natural rain, your plant will love you for it!

Happy Gardening!